Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is hypnosis?

2. What will you experience in the state of hypnosis?

3. Who can be hypnotized?

4. What are the three most common fears of Hypnosis?

5. How Would You Describe Hypnosis to Someone Who Has Never Experienced Hypnosis Before?

Here's how some former students have answered that question:

6. Isn't Hypnosis Just Staged Entertainment?

The major misconception of hypnosis stems from the staged event in front of an audience when an individual performs some silly or embarrassing act at the request of a hypnotist. This act appears to be out of the control of the individual. Misconception! Why? Because an individual can NOT be forced to do something which he/she doesn't want to do. In reality the staged hypnotic event, though it is fun to watch, leads to the gross misunderstanding of the general public of the emotional and behavioral benefits of hypnosis. So forget your previously conceived idea of the hypnotist on the stage and instead ask yourself what do you really know about hypnosis?

7. How Will Hypnosis Help Me?

The hypnotist, your guide, will make a series of suggestions to help you make emotional, behavioral and physiological changes which will directly affect you and your life. These suggestions utilize sensory, auditory, tactile modes which guide you through events of your life. As your mind tires from the suggestions, you will want to return to the awaken state.

You are guided out of hypnosis by the hypnotist, and you gradually become more aware of the place which the hypnotic event is taking place. It is now that you experience a wonderful state of relaxation and feel as though you have had a long fulfilling night of sleep. This process at first guided by the hypnotist can be learned by the individual and now becomes Self Hypnosis.