All About Hypnosis by Tony

During the months of January and February, all Hypnosis Sessions will be remotely by Zoom or phone.

For Clinical Hypnotism with a Board Certified Hypnotist, contact Tony Longobardi

Hypnosis is a state of mind. The state of hypnosis, what scientists call the alpha state, is the transitional state between being awake and falling asleep. Because the alpha state is a corridor to the subconscious, you are in a heightened state of receptivity for positive change.

Schedule an introductory session

with Tony Longobardi, Board Certified Hypnotist

If you are serious about making positive change in your life through hypnosis, book a 1 hour introductory session. Tony will ask about your specific goals, and take you through some relaxation exercises that help you feel comfortable with the clinical hypnotism process and provide the foundation for your first session.

  • Private one-hour introductory session
  • Intro session with relaxation exercises
  • Digital audio recording included
  • This is an introductory session

To schedule your introductory session, call the office at 610-659-0526 or use our online booking system.

Hypnosis is helping people from all over lead better lives:

Phoenixville, Kimberton, Chester Springs, Gilbertsville, Pottstown, Paoli, Downingtown, Malvern, Royersford, Elverson, Aston, Collegeville, Lansdale or Philadelphia.

Break the Habit

Stop smoking, nail biting and other bad habits.

Lose Weight

Finally lose weight the healthy way and keep it off.

Manage Stress

Manage your daily stress, relax and get quality sleep.

Build Confidence

Rid yourself of negative self talk and unleash your confidence.

Overcome Fears

Remove strong negative feelings and release your fears.

Stop Destructive Behavior

Finally put an end to self-destructive behavior.

"Will Hypnosis Work on Me?"

Do you have what it takes for hypnosis to be effective for you?

  • Do you have a positive mindset about hypnosis?
  • Are you able to pause your mind and relax?
  • Can you follow step by step instructions?
  • Can you focus and concentrate?
  • Do you have a good imagination and the ability to visualize?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you can go into hypnosis.  Schedule an introductory session today.

How much does a Hypnosis program cost?

An Introductory session is only $49 which is deducted from the cost of the 3 session program.

The 3 session program is only $599.

All sessions include a complimentary digital audio recording.

Interest free financing is available through our office with an upfront down payment followed by fixed recurring payments.

Hypnosis combines a deep state of quiet existence with suggestions for positive change.

“After 3 sessions with Tony, I have lost 25lbs, my motivation to exercise is great, and my overall self esteem has gone thru the roof.”

-Tim T of Gilbertsville, PA

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What About Health Insurance Plans?

"Is Hypnosis covered by my health insurance?" If your insurance plan offers reimbursement for the completion of a smoking cessation, weight loss or other program, we'd be happy to provide you with the invoice needed for you to file your claim.