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Tony Longobardi - Hypnotist

Gift Cards

Looking for Hypnosis by Tony Gift Cards?

I’ve had a few clients express interest in purchasing a Gift Card for a friend or family member. Rather than issue a traditional gift card or electronic gift certificate, I do things a little differently. It’s safe and just makes more sense for my hypnosis practice. Essentially, when you’d like to “give a gift,” you would contact me to prepay for the session(s), I create an account in your friend’s name, and mark their account as paid. When your friend is ready to book their appointment through my online booking system, they already have an account with a prepaid balance waiting for them.

If you are ready to prepay for a session or series of sessions for someone else, please fill out this form so that I have your contact information as well as your friend’s account details. I will call for your credit card information and explain how your friend can book their prepaid appointment.

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