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Tony Longobardi - Hypnotist

Client Testimonials

Hypnosis Sessions are also available by Phone or Zoom.

140+ Five Star Reviews on Google

certified hypnotist near me"Tony was amazing! His voice is very hypnotic, and I recommend Tony to anyone that wants lasting change in their mindset. I've had 5 sessions with Tony and I can honestly say I saw changes right away."

-S Fox via Google

"Tony is INCREDIBLE! What an experience getting to work with him- after only 2 sessions, I have curbed my alcohol cravings, have a more positive attitude, and feel like a new me is emerging! Can't wait for my next sessions! AND everything we do is recorded and available 24 hours, so whenever I need a "dose of Tony", he's right at my fingertips! Thank you Tony for changing my life!"

-Shana C via Google

"I had a great experience with Tony. He's very professional & kind. I was a little skeptical this process would work for me, but I was up for the challenge, and I was pleasantly surprised how positively it affected me, and for the long term. I would highly recommend to give it a try. Thank you Tony!"

-Donna D via Google

"Tony helped take me to a deeper place of relaxation in order to help me release 'old and destructive' patterns of lifestyle. His positive suggestions and non-threatening, reassuring demeanor gives you the ability to trust him and helps you release the old destructive patterns in your life and yet you are still in control." Mike S. - Phila., PA *

"I thoroughly enjoyed our session and was pleasantly surprised that I was actually hypnotized! You have a very nice way about you and I have been telling all my friends about the session and recommending them to you." Lyn B. - Elverson, PA *

"Tony is a very professional and well trained hypnotist. He is an extraordinary teacher as well as a private practitioner. I would recommend Tony to anyone who wants assistance in stress reduction, smoking and weight control etc...It works!" Kas S. - Phoenixville, PA *

"Still losing weight. My wife is down 18 lbs, I'm down 30 lbs. Slow but sure. Thanks again." Dave D. - Phoenixville, PA *

"Through hypnosis, I was able to change my eating habits. It really led me down the road to eating less. I was able to only eat when I was hungry and cease when full. Thank you Tony for your expertise." Jay P. - Delaware *

"Tony. Just a follow up to tell you that I am still doing daily reinforcement with your CD and it is working for me beautifully. For the first time in my life I have no craving for sweets. I had my annual check up with my doctor yesterday and she was very pleased with my weight and my cholesterol." Jill C. - Collegeville, PA *

"After 3 sessions with Tony, I have lost 25lbs, my motivation to exercise is great, and my overall self esteem has gone thru the roof. If I get lost, I just refer back to the CDs. Thanks, Tony, for helping me get a handle on life ." Tim T. - Gilbertsville, PA *

"Dear Tony: Before I took your Stress Management sessions, my stress was out of control: my chest felt tight, I couldn't sleep, and I couldn't relax. After three sessions, I feel relaxed and that I can handle anything!" Stacy R. - Phoenixville, PA *

"Making the choice to be smoke free is hard enough and I had a great deal of anxiety about quitting smoking. I have tried every possible method. A friend of mine has been smoke free for over a year and told me about his experience with Tony. Tony is very professional and works to understand your specific goals. Tony assists you in taking the power back and makes the seemingly impossible, possible. My life has truly changed in so many positive ways since undergoing hypnosis with Tony. Thank you Tony, for helping me achieve my goal!" Maureen M. - Aston, PA *

"I found the hypnosis very interesting and extremely worth while as I slept very well that evening, the first for me in a very long time." Lisa A. - Downingtown, PA *

"That was a great seminar. You did for me in 10, 15 minutes what it takes me an hour to do in meditation. I especially enjoyed your exercise where we picked three things that made us feel good and put it in the circle with something we were struggling with. That exercise really helped put my fear in perspective. If it's so easy to feel that fear all the time, I came to realize that it's just as easy to feel the accomplishment and good feelings also. It's just a matter of what I'm focusing on. Your exercise helped me to see and realize that. Thanks again. You were very professional." Ken J. - Phoenixville, PA *

"Your presentation was very enjoyable and much appreciated." Tom C. - Pottstown, PA *

"Tony, thanks for the great presentation on such short notice!" Hugh C. - Paoli, PA *

*Results vary from person to person