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Tony Longobardi - Hypnotist

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is hypnosis?

Alpha State: The State of Hypnosis is very scientific. The State of Hypnosis (what scientists call the Alpha state) is that transitional state between the waking state (beta) and the sleeping state (theta). The Alpha state is a corridor to the subconscious mind. In the Alpha state, one is in a heightened state of concentration for positive change.

Have you ever read a book and been so involved with it that nothing else concerned you? That's like hypnosis.

Have you ever been driving somewhere and you're concentrating so much so that you're not concerned with anything else. You get to your destination and say "how'd I get here so fast." That's like hypnosis.

Hypnosis uses relaxation techniques to bring the subconscious mind into the foreground in order to accept beneficial suggestions to remove/adjust unwanted habits/behaviors or increase confidence/self esteem.

A deep deep state of quiet existence.

2. What will you experience in the state of hypnosis?

Eye flutter, relaxed, feel light or heavy, warmth, time distortion, awake, hear everything, think of other things, remember everything, talk.

You may hear sounds, but these sounds exist outside of where you are.

An absence of thoughts, almost a blank mental existence.

If you are asked, you can tell someone that you feel calm. In fact things are so still that you enjoy being where you are and you may, at first, resist returning to the more awaken state. In the hypnotic state, there aren't any thoughts rushing through your mind and you aren't worried about any of the problems of the day. It sounds like utopia and in some ways it is.

3. Who can be hypnotized?

First of all, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

I guide you to hypnotize yourself.

If you can follow instructions, concentrate/focus, have a good imagination, and can visualize, you can be guided to hypnotize yourself.

4. What are the three most common fears of Hypnosis?

Fear of losing control, revealing secrets, getting stuck.

The fact is one doesn't lose control in hypnosis, one won't reveal any secrets in hypnosis that they wouldn't reveal when not in hypnosis, and one can't get stuck in hypnosis (no matter how deeply they go into hypnosis, they can always come out of hypnosis.)

5. How Would You Describe Hypnosis to Someone Who Has Never Experienced Hypnosis Before?

Here's how some former students have answered that question:

A period of intense relaxation and peace. Through repetitive use you watch your fears and negative behaviors disappear. A feeling of well being overcomes you.

Hypnosis: A delightful way to stop and smell the roses. A short refreshing nap to bring your life into focus.

Hypnosis was not what I expected at first. It is very relaxing, and helps you to focus on any goal that is important to you. I would recommend this for anyone.

Hypnosis: A calm, peaceful state within me. More than I'd believe.

Hypnosis is not what I thought it would be. You do remain in control and it is very relaxing.

6. Isn't Hypnosis Just Staged Entertainment?

The major misconception of hypnosis stems from the staged event in front of an audience when an individual performs some silly or embarrassing act at the request of a hypnotist. This act appears to be out of the control of the individual. Misconception! Why? Because an individual can NOT be forced to do something which he/she doesn't want to do. In reality the staged hypnotic event, though it is fun to watch, leads to the gross misunderstanding of the general public of the emotional and behavioral benefits of hypnosis. So forget your previously conceived idea of the hypnotist on the stage and instead ask yourself what do you really know about hypnosis?

7. How Will Hypnosis Help Me?

The hypnotist, your guide, will make a series of suggestions to help you make emotional, behavioral and physiological changes which will directly affect you and your life. These suggestions utilize sensory, auditory, tactile modes which guide you through events of your life. As your mind tires from the suggestions, you will want to return to the awaken state.

You are guided out of hypnosis by the hypnotist, and you gradually become more aware of the place which the hypnotic event is taking place. It is now that you experience a wonderful state of relaxation and feel as though you have had a long fulfilling night of sleep. This process at first guided by the hypnotist can be learned by the individual and now becomes Self Hypnosis.