Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis. FREE Prep Session with this special offer.

Break the Habit. Stop Smoking.

Sick of the shortness of breath, the coughing fits, stained teeth and everyone complaining of the smell?  The ever increasing cost of a pack of cigarettes? And then there's the big elephant in the're shortening your life with every puff.

Finally Break Free of the Smoking Habit

If you're serious about stopping, I can help you with the power of clinical hypnotism. I’m on a mission to help as many people as long as they truly want to stop smoking.  

That's why I'm offering my first hypnosis prep session for FREE.

The First Step is a Prep Session
at no cost to you

In this powerful prep session, we'll be laying the groundwork for the glorious day when you stop smoking.

During this prep session, you'll experience hypnosis first hand as we work on visualization techniques to tap into your personal motivation for wanting to stop smoking.

This is an empowerment session. Bring your calendar and be prepared to set a date and commit to the day you'll finally stop smoking.

Learn how hypnosis can help you stop smoking.

Using clinical hypnotism, I guide you into a very relaxed and peaceful state where the subconscious is very receptive to positive messages.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the real triggers behind your smoking habit.
  • Identify why smoking keeps you hooked and struggling to stop.
  • Tap into your personal motivation to keep you on track.

We will create new neuro pathways in your mind.

From now on, the instant you feel a craving for a cigarette coming on, you'll feel peaceful and in control because of what you'll learn in this powerful free prep session.


Complimentary Hypnosis Prep Session (a $249 value)


with Tony Longobardi, Board Certified Hypnotist in Phoenixville PA

If you are serious about stopping smoking through hypnosis, come in for a 1 hour no-obligations strategy session. Tony will ask about your current smoking behavior and explain why your previous attempts at stopping have failed.  You'll get a feel for the clinical hypnotism process and start to take control of your cravings from this very first session.  You'll leave with a renewed sense of control and readiness to stop.  You'll even practice some visualization techniques you can use at home.

  • Private one-hour evaluation and strategy session
  • a $249 value at no cost to you
  • Audio recording included
  • No obligations!

To schedule your free Prep Session to Stop Smoking, call the office at 610-659-0526 or use our online booking link below.

How much does the Stop Smoking program cost?

The 1-hour Prep Session is free. 

I require 3 sessions after the prep session:

1. Stop Smoking Session (this is the day you stop smoking!)
2. Reinforcement Session
3. Manage Stress Session

The cost of the program is $599 for the three sessions, which is paid upfront at the end of your prep session. All sessions include a complimentary digital audio recording.

Why 3 more sessions?

Stopping smoking is a journey! We'll tap into your personal power and strengthen your resolve to stay smoke free. We'll work on breathing exercises and other techniques to cope with cravings. We'll also talk about healthy eating habits and constructive activities to do instead of smoking.

Sessions are payable by cash, check, or credit card. Interest free financing is available through our office with an upfront down payment followed by fixed recurring payments.

If your medical insurance plan offers reimbursement for a smoking cessation program, we'd be happy to provide you with the documentation needed in order for you to file your claim.

Are you serious about stopping smoking?

Get started with a FREE prep session and let clinical hypnotism lay the groundwork to help you finally stop smoking.

Tony Longobardi, Board Certified Hypnotist, is helping people from all over to stop smoking through hypnosis:

Phoenixville, Kimberton, Chester Springs, Gilbertsville, Pottstown, Paoli, Downingtown, Malvern, Royersford, Elverson, Aston, Collegeville, Lansdale or Philadelphia.

Stop Smoking client, Brian, just reached 100 days smoke free!

“After my 3 sessions with Tony I finally gave up smoking !!! Tony was considerate, empathetic and professional. He was detailed in explaining the process, what to expect and what I had to do. Many thanks to Tony for helping me to accomplish this goal.”*

-Brian C of Phoenixville, PA

(* Results vary from person to person.)

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